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    I got a lot of good comments and ideas on my last post. I tried to apply some of you ideas in thislatest video. How did I do?

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    Good overall as before, I like the editing and enjoyed the music better.

    More ideas:

    I feel the color grading stands out too much. I wanted to say it feels aggressive but usually color grading is a bit aggressive, so the issue is how it sits with the footage. I spent most of the video thinking I'd rather watch the footage ungraded vs the grading applied. So perhaps my recommendation would be to dial it back a few notches until you feel you are in better command of what you are expressing artistically with the grading.

    The music
    I've been thinking about what Tim said and watching this video I feel he is right about trying to use more local music.

    I enjoyed the blues part and the Spanish guitar, but sometimes the choice does more to take me away from the scene than pull me in - this could just be me. I play music and have been getting into recording so I hear things that make me think about the music and pull me out of the video. Funnily enough, this doesn't happen with electronic music, because that's not "recorded" or music as I know it (with real instruments). So when you choose a beat-driven electronic song for the video it doesn't touch on my personal background so I don't have a reaction to it. I have a reaction to blues or spanish guitar (because of the guitar and familiar vibes).

    To me, the blues part felt right, like it is your journey into a foreign jungle, so your own musical influence is right for the scene. But for the Spanish guitar during the line traveling, I hear Andalusian flamenco:
    which is a completely different thing from a Central American jungle adventure and also doesn't seem to fit the family as part of their background, so for me personally it feels like it is nobody's journey being slapped on top. But everyone's experience will be different in this regard because someone that is not familiar with either of these cultures may feel the guitar is perfectly appropriate.

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    a really good video, liked the travellng part and the scenery and animals, zip wire looked like fun, my friend used to have one of those in his gsrden as a child, music was nice

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