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Thread: How to edit voice recording

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    How do I edit a voice recording ie get rid of all the hissing/crackling noise and improve the vocals

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    Well, my smartass answer is, go back and record it correctly. However, I do understand that sometimes you have to make the best of what you've got.

    What is the source and nature of the unwanted noises? Could you post an example? That would help us determine your best course of action.

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    Dunno what happened with my post, but as implied above, your best bet is to make sure you record it well the first time. Failing that - can you re-record?
    Failing all that, there are different tools that can help - I use Izotope RX, which has a variety of different tools for reducing unwanted noise.

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    +1 for try to record it again. There are tools to try to fix, but they are a pain for often mediocre results.

    Audacity has a decent noise reduction tool. You can learn it and get good results in about 15 mins.

    The next layer would be to try an expander on it. I'm not sure if Audacity has one, but it takes plugins (anybody has recommendations for an expander for Audacity?) The expander is a neat tool that pushes quiet sounds deeper into the quiet zone by "expanding" the distance between quiet sounds and the normal sounds. It can completely remove noise if the noise is quiet enough.

    The next thing I would recommend is the Power Director suite. I say this too often so it sounds like I get a commission but I just like it. Power Director's noise removal for video is pretty solid (for what noise removers can do). Then the Audio Editor has a surgical tool called Visual Restoration that lets you cut out frequencies by visualizing them in the clip. It doesn't work as good as the advertisement, but good enough to get a lot done, and it has saved me on professional projects more than I'd like to state publicly:

    (I'm a Power Director user so this is what I can recommend. Like all software, it is not perfect. Consider other tools as well. BTW, if you look into Power Director, I usually get some suite bundle for less than $100 - the stuff is often on sale. Don't buy just Audio Director for $100+)

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