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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 14 Question how to make second mask

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    Default Sony Vegas Pro 14 Question how to make second mask

    so its pretty shameful moment because i have so much experience with sony vegas but i have no idea how to make second mask To make it more understandable i masked one object and now i want to mask one more object in the same video with "negative" function but i cant mask it again because mask is already taken. I was thinking to render video and mask it again but maybe there is other way?

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    Duplicate the track? I guess I'd have to be there to know exactly what you're trying to do.

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    Nope i tried. Lets say you masked object in your video and now you want to mask second object in the same video, so i tried to duplicate tracks but if u duplicate track that second track has the same mask keyframes so you have to delete them so then if you delete those mask keyframes you lose masked object it goes to default look. Its pretty complicated to explain because English is not my main language. Its like if you want to mask second object you have to lose first object because duplicating tracks is not helping. P.s i didn't tried to put duplicated track in the bottom of the first track.
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    You can create as many masks as you like. What you appear to be describing as a mask here is what in Vegas terms is a "path"
    Try this:
    Create a mask (we'll call it A)
    Create another (call it B)
    Now select any point on mask A, right click and "Select path". Now animate it with keyframes.
    Do a similar thing with mask B.

    You'll see they can move independently - which is, I think, what you are trying to do.
    All maks need to be created from the point they are needed. You cannot, for example, create a mask at 5 seconds and then animate it backwards.

    I suggest you do what I did. Fill maybe 30 seconds with a solid colour, then create several masks (paths) on ot and play with animating them. You get the concept very quickly that way.

    Alternatively post exactly what you are trying to achieve and I will try to help further.

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    Oh my god thanks a lot.

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