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Thread: Newbie with a video editing question.

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    Default Newbie with a video editing question.

    I am new to video editing and would like some advice on how to go about editing video. I downloaded an old movie from TV to my DVR. However, the movie was less than 2 hours in length, but my DVR ran for additional 2-3 hours after the movie ended. I transferred the files to DVD media. I want to edit the .VOB files and delete the excess material. I don't know how to begin. All the YOUTUBE videos and Google searches do not address this issue and seem to focus on home videos and to how to add introductions, fade-ins, etc. I am just interested in editing the movie or recorded TV show. This is for my own personal use and not for personal gain. Can anyone give me advice or direct me to the best editing software that would help me with this task. I would really appreciate it.

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    Well if you want to edit anything it will first have to be on a storage type like a harddrive, solid state drive or a usb drive. Basically it has to be on your PC and not on a DVD. Is this the case with your VOB file or is it actually on one of those plastic discs?

    Once you have it on your pc you can use something like DVD Cutter Plus:
    to cut the excess away.
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