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Thread: Removing sound from video clip.

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    Default Removing sound from video clip.

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to VSDC as I have had enough of other editors charging a fortune each year for an editor which you have to keep relearning. I have a lot of good footage from the last nine years in which we built a new home, had it destroyed by earthquake, demolished it and rebuilt the new home all on the same section. My real problem is that I am putting together a DVD of a wedding. The first clip is a slow zoom in of the invitation, unfortunately there was a lot of background noise while I filmed it. I the editing process I have stretched it by playing at 80% and have added some text. In all my editing I have been trying to remove the sound from this clip. I have tried using the "Properties window" setting as I did with the speed change, but the sound stays there when ran with the "Preview". I have also tried using the "Audio effects", "Amplitude", "Silence" but I the Silence option is grayed out, and this is on the paid for and Activation version. I even tried the split audio (as shown by vidpromom) and editing the sound to silence. The image shows the sound is gone but it still is there when I run Preview. What am I missing? Sorry about the time zone but you would not like our earthquakes. StevenGnz.

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    Hey Steven, sounds dreadful indeed! I've had a quick google and found this:
    Not sure if it'll help you.
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    Default Thank but difficult to see what is being done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grapes View Post
    Hey Steven, sounds dreadful indeed! I've had a quick google and found this:
    Not sure if it'll help you.
    Thanks for finding that for me. In both methods he sets sound settings to the project before adding the media (Videos). From this action I gather the whole project will be silent. I only want the heading clip silent. But in saying that at one time I was trying to use the "Audio effects" and the Silence option was grayed out (not available)? Maybe the YouTube clip you found puts this right.

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    Well then the following might help you. Produce the heading clip first with the mentioned method and use that silent heading clip in your full project instead of the one with audio?
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