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Thread: How to do those "restless" line drawings?

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    Default How to do those "restless" line drawings?

    I guess I'm using the wrong keywords but I can't find a clear explanation how to create those "restless" line animations. Like when you draw a stick figure 10 times in the same pose and then play the 10 files in succession so the deviations make the lines look wriggly. I can't imaging that that's the actual way people make that since it's popping up all over the place and it seems extremely time consuming to the point that I wouldn't consider it worth the effort for the result. You see them a lop in commercials and whiteboard animation if I'm not mistaken.

    If my description is too cryptic here's an example. The right bottom corner right at the start where it says "Interronauts Episode 10":

    *Edit: If possible a tut or explanation for after effects
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    Been wondering this myself. Looking forward to enlightenment on this thread.

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