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Thread: Carrizo Gorge Part 2: The Seven Sisters

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    Default Carrizo Gorge Part 2: The Seven Sisters

    This is the second in a short series of documentary videos on the historic, scenic Carrizo Gorge and the San Diego & Arizona Railway line that runs through it. This video explores the area between tunnels #17 and #19, including the group of hillside trestles known as the Seven Sisters.

    Music for this video provided by:

    "Sunrise" by Eric Matyas, courtesy of

    "Forever" by Gentle Jammers
    Licensed through AudioJungle

    Coming soon:
    "Carrizo Gorge Part 3: The Goat Canyon Trestle"

    If you missed it, be sure to watch Carrizo Gorge Part 1: The North End:

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    I enjoyed this!
    The piece about the cacti felt a bit misplaced partly due to the long gap between "unique plant life of the desert" and "spiny teddy bear". If you'd had stuck these together it would have been better in my opinion. Looking forward to part 3!
    The cats are watching us...

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