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Thread: Would you film below -10 Degree Celsius? Or is it just me?

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    Default Would you film below -10 Degree Celsius? Or is it just me?

    Zhiyun Crane Plus A7R II A7S II and Mavic | The HOLY GRAIL Travelling/Adventure Kit

    The beast from the east have caused chaos recently, and it's back again to consumed Britain. And it came with purposes.

    Here, a short full film shot from a day trip out shooting.

    So as usual, comment and let me know your thoughts, CC welcomed and if you like the video, please do press the like button and if you want to see more hit the subcribe button. Enjoy!

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    That's +14F, right? I often have my trusty Hero2 shooting through the windshield (sorry, windscreen), and it can go below -20F (about -29C) on occasion, so it's entirely possible I have shot video in sub-freezing temperatures.

    But my videos don't look as nice as that one of yours.

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    Nice looking footage. The hardest part I find about working in the snow is trying changing settings, lens, batteries (everything) when your hands are frozen!

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    oh wow that is quite extreme! filming in those cold condition... i just couldnt do it, -10 is cold enough! haha

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