So I don't know how many of you are familiar with the VSDC video editing software, but I'm having an issue hopefully one of you know how to fix. In VDSC you have your projects and then your projects can be further segmented into Scenes for easier management. These scenes can be saved and loaded into different parts of the project. The issue I'm having however is that I made a scene in a certain project. However I decided to go in another direction so i threw out the entire project. However there was one scene in it that I needed and I saved it accordingly. But when I load that scene into a different project, none of the elements load. I still have all the assets noted on the timeline with the correct properties (like how long they should be there for, if they're chopped or to move across the screen etc.) but the screen is just all black. I thought maybe the issue is the new project doesn't know where the element files are located or something. But i haven't moved their location or anything and that should be noted in the scene file.

TL;DR How do I load a scene I made in one project into another project because it's just showing a black screen?