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Thread: Where do you buy your PROPS?

  1. Question Where do you buy your PROPS?

    Hey guys,

    As the title suggests i made this topic about movie props, more specifically where do YOU find (buy or get for free) some of the props you use for content creation?
    Be it for films, youtube videos, sets, product photography and so on.

    What interests me the most is what's out there online that has world wide shipping and doesn't have ridiculous pricing.
    Yeah, ebay is a thing, but only if you know exactly what to search for.

    For example - i get some props from people on Facebook.
    There are usually a few facebook groups (locally) where people give away or sell random stuff that they don't need anymore.

    Another thing i have found is a website called
    It has a huge selection of stuff and some of it is for a reasonable price, but some things tend to be way overpriced.

    Let me know what sources you have.

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    Could you give an idea of what type of 'props' you are looking for? I don't own a studio but if I look to rent one for a job I usually find they have a selection of chairs, tables (all kind of stuff) and then I just source any things extra needed.

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