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Thread: Help with an add-on and or effect??

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    Default Help with an add-on and or effect??

    Hi im currently working on some short films just to get the hang of editing so on and so forth, on one of my projects is a star wars based fan film that envolves a sequence were I want the shot to be from the point of view of one of the stormtroopers, however instead of building somekind of device that I can hook onto my cam to give it the effect of being inside the helmet, I would like to know if I can somehow add this effect through such programs as adobe premiere of adobe photoshop, if ive lost you up until now, basically I want to be able to show the point of view through the stormtroopers goggle like lence. Like is their a way to create a bor der in the shape of the inside of the helm but still mantain the footage playing as if its together?? Any help will be greatly appreciated thanx.

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    Yes, you need to create a matte. Essentially you will draw the inside of the helmet in photoshop, and paint the areas you want the video to show through in white/green/blue. You can then key out this colour in Premiere.

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