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Thread: Best Wedding Set up?

  1. Default Best Wedding Set up?

    What's the best set up?

    I recently filmed a couple weddings, and have been experimenting with different combos, different cameras and lenses with the Mavic. From Sony A6300 to A7R ii. For me, Sony A7R II, Zhiyun Crane and the Mavic are the match made in heaven. Lens used to filmed were Sony 28mm F2.0, Sony 55mm F1.8, and Sony 16-35mm F4 on the Sony A7R ii body combined with Mavic Pro for aerial shots. Here is the highlight of the wedding.

    CC welcomed and if you like the video, give us a thumbs up on youtube and let us know which lens or set up do you used to film any events? And if you want to see more hit the subcribe button on youtube as well. Enjoy!

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    The best set up I have ever seen! Do you work on outreach? My sister is getting married next month and I'm currently in search of cambridge wedding photography service and a videographer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mannyteh View Post
    And if you want to see more hit the subcribe button on youtube as well.
    With your previous posts I already got the feeling you're just posting for a bump in viewers and subscribers :p

    Anyway teasing aside, I never filmed a wedding (and hope I never will have too for that matter) but I do like to shoot with the Sony A7R3 so I can imagine your enthusiasm for the previous model as well. I don't quite see how the topic matters though. If you're hired to shoot a company promo you'd probably go with the same gear right?

    On a side note Zhiyun v.s. Ronin, what made you go for the Zhi?
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    So what was the point of this topic exactly?
    It's hard to understand because the topic title says one thing, then you list your gear, but that does not make it the "best setup", it's just what you have and use, and then you throw in an ad for your video and event filming services.
    All of which is completely fine on it's own, i just don't fancy throwing 3 topics in to 1 and now i have no clue what your question even is, or if you even have one.

    Regarding the gear - what exactly did you experiment there? Also - why do you experiment during clients weddings?

    You have 3 different lenses, each has it's uses depending on your artistic choice and lighting situation.
    I am pretty sure you would not use the 16-35 f4 indoors if you have the other 2 lenses.
    I kind of think you are missing an 85 mm or 70-200 mm for weddings though.

    Picking between Sony a6300 and a7R II is a no brainer, though - i would sell both and get the a7 III if i were you. Or keep the a6300 as a backup.
    Regarding the Zhiyun Crane - i am not a big fan of the crane because the motors are too weak and the Ronin-S is WAAAY smoother. I understand the need for reduced weight though.
    Mavic Pro - probably best case scenario for wedding filmmakers in terms of quality vs portability.

    Is it the BEST setup for weddings? No! It's a nice starter kit though.

    But what does "best" even mean?
    It all depends on your needs and what your clients can afford.

    I have seen a crew (3 guys) who film weddings with 3 RED cameras, Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 super 35 sensor and a metric ton of other gear. In their mind that's the best setup, but again - they have clients who pay upwards of 10 000 EUR for a wedding film, so using gear like that is justified for them.

    About the video:
    - I think it was 1 - 2 stops underexposed almost in every shot. And i don't mean the low light stuff. I mean even the outdoor shots.
    - That's maybe my personal preference, but i think wedding videos look better when they are bright and happy, not gloomy and - moody.
    - Not a huge fan of the Sony skin tones and in your grade - they were not pleasing at all IMHO.
    - I found it hard to watch through the whole video because it lacks a story that keeps me intrigued and motivated.
    - It's sort of a B-roll mashup video in chronological order and because of that it became predictable very fast.

    Try to develop your story telling skills with your edits, the bride and groom are characters in your wedding video - develop their character arches, record some voice overs, build up suspense to the moment where they say YES and then switch up the tempo and make the after party portion more fun and energetic.
    Don't be afraid to use more then 1 song in your video or at least a song that changes tempo.
    This song got boring after 40 seconds.

    There are hundreds of ways to improve here, but i hope that you get the idea.

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