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Thread: Which of these should I get for high end video editing?

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    Default Which of these should I get for high end video editing?

    I'm trying to get a new PC for 4k editing, faster rendering and more complex After effects/Motion compositions and I can't quite decide which of these two would be best. The cheaper one (B) has a 6 core, 12thread processor that's why I was leaning more towards that, though the other one (A) has better RAM, Storage and graphics card.
    Budget ~$1k
    Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    I'd go for a custom build around an Intel Core i7-7820X for the video editing. 32GB RAM, not too slow but no need to get "gamer" grade RAM. A motherboard from a decent manufacturer like ASRock.

    After you added those items to your list you see how much budget is left for the GPU. Forget about the gamer GPU's since they are designed with a different task in mind. You probably want to look at the Quadro range which kind of sucks for gaming but which should really boost your After Effects effects.
    Side note here is that if you use After Effects only for 2D animations without effexts and don't really use any of the 3D effects and capabilities you simply don't need a dedicated GPU at all. If this matches your use you better save on the GPU and invest in more RAM like 64-128GB RAM. That is a bigger bottleneck for complex compositions along with the CPU.

    In regards to HDD's you want an SSD for your operating system etc. and an HHD for storage.
    For the HDD: Avoid anything made by Seagate(!) and try to find HGST, Toshiba or WD-Black drives that get good reviews and don't brake the bank. I'd go for a 3TB to start with and add new ones when you run out.
    For the SSD: Samsung or Crucial will probably be amongst the best options there.
    If you have a PC with an old HDD just add it to the build. Install a fresh OS though. I'd just go for a not activated copy of Windows 10, it's free and works.

    Footnote: Keep in mind you're building a work rig, not a game rig. If you've already got an old PC you may be able to save money on the PSU and the tower. Simply fork all the old parts out and sell them which hopefully will also gain you back a few pounds. Don't be scared to build your own rig, it's really really really easy and there's loads loads loads of people who are happy to help a DIY-er with a custom build, especially a DIY-er that builds its first PC. Also shopping around for lowest prices instead of buying everything from the same webstore might save you a few pounds extra.
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    General rule of thumb - do NOT buy pre-build rigs. Especially from big chains like Best Buy etc.

    Here is why:
    1. They are overpriced compared to if you buy just the parts.
    2. They are full with Bloatware. If you don't know what bloatware is - it's unwanted software that these manufactures put in the PC to spam you with ads, collect your information like spyware or try to force you to buy more of their offered software etc.
    3. I have rarely seen a chain store come up with a PC system that makes sense component wise.

    Now, with that being said. Your budget of $ 1k is not much to go on with when it comes to workstation grade PCs, so this wont make things easy for you in terms of what parts to chose.
    Obviously you HAVE to go by PRIORITY.

    So, what are your priorities when it comes to After Effects.
    1. CPU
    2. RAM
    3. SSD
    4. GPU

    So let's look at some component variations that you could get for your budget.


    Option 1
    Intel Core i7-7820X - 8 cores / 16 threads
    Price - $ 569.00 (currently on sale)

    Option 2
    Intel Core i7-7800X - 6 cores / 12 threads
    Price - $ 361.92 (currently on sale)


    Corsair Vengeance 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4 2400MHz C14
    Price - $ 364.99 (currently on sale)

    Any 32GB RAM kit will work from any reputable manufacturer. Just get what's for the best price.


    MSI Pro Series Intel X299 LGA 2066 (X299 RAIDER)
    Price - $ 209.99 (currently on sale)

    Any LGA 2066 socket motherboard will work from any reputable manufacturer. Just get what's for the best price.

    Now. With this setup you are at roughly $ 937.00 for the i7-7800X build and $ 1144.00 for the i7-7820X build.
    You are obviously still missing a GPU, SSD, Case and power supply.

    The case + power supply you can salvage from your current PC. Same goes for the SSD if you already have one.
    The GPU is the tricky part. Currently GPU prices are skyrocketing because of all the crypto mining.

    Here is the Price History of the GTX 1070 ! It has more then DOUBLED in price during the last 6 months.
    Price History link

    For your basic Premiere Pro / After Effects editing work you don't need a Quadro card. They actually are not even designed for those "basic" tasks.
    A good forum thread about that can be found on LinusTechTips forums - Quadro P2000 vs GeForce GTX 1070 for Video Editing/Rendering/Graphic Design Workstation

    The thing is. I would have loved to suggest you the GTX 1070, because 6 months ago it was going for $400. That would have been the perfect card for your build.
    But right now those cards cost $900 - $1100 and that is INSANE!

    So either wait for the price to go down again and use your GPU that you have now, or see what you can find on sale etc.

    EDIT: The ONLY good reason to buy a Pre-built PC NOW, is because they have already included a GPU like the GTX 1070 in their build from the time where it was selling for $400. That's the only way right now to get the card for "cheap"!
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    A few thoughts:
    - 8GB of ram is not enough for Adobe software. Most people will recommend 32GB. I think your min baseline should be 16GB assuming you buy a card with 8GB built in.
    - While the video card may or not help with After Effects (I don't use AE), it definitely helps with 4k video editing. So you do want a good video card.

    Budget ~$1k
    With that budget you are going to need to cut some corners. For instance, if you get a $600 processor and a $400 video card, you are at $1000 without even a case yet.

    I DO recommend buying a pre-assembled machine, just don't get the bloatware ones. I would aim for a model that's about 6+ months old currently on sale, that usually means the price is less by about $200 vs buying the parts separately. Are you in the US? Microcenter has its own brand called PowerSpec, and it will be thin on bloatware and pretty much the same as if you had assembled the machine from the parts. Good prices too on anything on sale.

    This is the same model or nearly identical to my current PC for $1250. 4k editing is very smooth for me.

    I also added a 4TB HD drive for another $150 or so.

    This is what your intended budget of $1000 really buys:

    Basically stepping down an notch in processor, video card and SSD size. The Ryzen 5 is still a pretty good processor, but for $250 more I do think the other one is a better deal.
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