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Thread: Site closure

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    I think it would be okay to have a "subscriptions day" when you point out that you are still losing money on the site and anyone who feels like contributing towards its upkeep would be very welcome.
    And then maybe a PayPal account just for this purpose in which I'm sure the regulars and odd guest would throw the occasional payment.

    I don't post as much as I used to but I appreciate the site and enjoy interacting with those on here.

    Thanks for all the work and money you've put into it Marc.

    And as for Zaskar...

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    Glad to read that it'll stay in existence, this is an awesome forum and I'd hate to see it go
    The cats are watching us...

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    This is a great website - thanks for your time and effort in making it a success!

    Although Tim and Midnight have been a test, it is definitely my most favourite site

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    All the header images have gone missing for me. I assume it's because of the server move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bouldersoundguy View Post
    All the header images have gone missing for me. I assume it's because of the server move.
    That's odd. The server move is scheduled for tomorrow. Is anyone else seeing this?

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    That's fixed - but I'm not sure where I've put the proper logo! Will fix soon!

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    Haven't been around here for some time and the first thing I see is "Site closure". Have to admit my heart dropped a little.

    I hope you can find affordable solution to keep this forum and community running. I can see how this place would meet less traffic in age of more centralized social media, but this is also a place that should not be underestimated. The people here are not only kind, but actually offer feedback that helps. I know folks around here have never exactly been the target audience for my films, but your opinions have always been the ones I've been looking forward to hearing.

    Should this place for one reason or another stop existing, I'd also like to say thanks to all of you.

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    Hi, Marc, only just seen this post, quite sadned, if the site goes, it's been great videoforums, being able to mix and share our work with people, giving advice
    and enjoying the vast amount of different work here.

    Thanks for making this site a success

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