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Thread: Pinnacle 8 and 16x9 DV capture

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    Default Pinnacle 8 and 16x9 DV capture

    I have Pinnacle and a 4 year old Sony Handy Cam. I've had the camera's format on widescreen for years. I'm finally getting around to making/editing movies of my family. The problem is that this software squeezes my 16x9 picture into a 4x3 format. At least in the preview window. Everything appears tall and thin.

    I've been emailing Pinnacle tech help with not much luck. The guy keeps talking about some option that is not there. I suspect this is not going to work.

    Can anyone help with this software? If not, does anyone know of software I can use that will accept 16x9 DV input, let me edit it in 16x9, and output to DVD in 16x9?



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    Could you post the model of your camera? We can then ascertain whether the source format is true widescreen.

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    Default It's a Sony DCR-TRV340

    It's a Sony DCR-TRV340

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    Guys... anyone know if this shoots in true widescreen?

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    I am somewhat reluctant to answer this one simply because of what I believe true widescreen is. You see, in my opinion to shoot true widescreen you have to have a 2/3" CCD and they only come in a very expensive cameras. What a lot of camcorders that purport to shoot true widescreen do is to use the additional area of the chip that's usually reserved for digital image stabilisation and say that's widescreen. Does it actually give real widescreen? I'm not 100% certain or convinced.'s my guess <-- note that word

    If you have digital optimisation on your camcorder then you will have a virtual widescreen mode (letterboxing). If you have an optical image stabiliser then your camera is probably considered to have "true" widescreen mode.

    However, I am wondering if this is even a problem with the camera itself. I suspect it may be a Studio 8 restriction of some kind, although someone with that software would be better to answer that one.

    Wish I could help more.

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    Yep, that;s exactly what I meant. The problem with the "poor man's widescreen" is that you won't be able to use this in a 16:9 project, but sometimes it also looks distorted in a 4:3 project!

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    Default Thanks for the help......

    Ineresting call about the image stablizer. The camera has one, but it doesn't work in widescreen mode.

    I'm just going to get these "widesceen" tapes straight to DVD. I have many 4x3 tapes that I'll make movies out of.

    Any suggestions on how just to get it to the DVD? I have a firewire into my Dell PC. It had a DVD burner in it. Perhaps a utility at

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    The easiest way to archive to DVD is simply to buy a stand alone DVD recorder. These are now priced at about the same level as DVD authoring software and will save you a tremendous amount of hassle.

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