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Thread: First Wedding Video! Critique!

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    Question First Wedding Video! Critique!

    We've done a couple previous photography gigs, but this was our very first wedding videography gig. Be honest and let us know your thoughts! Thanks!

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    I liked it!

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    Did it meet/exceed the bride and groom's expectations? If yes, then it doesn't matter what we think of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    Did it meet/exceed the bride and groom's expectations? If yes, then it doesn't matter what we think of it.
    That right there is indeed the only thing that really really matters for these projects. The first 30 seconds looked solid though so a assumed that quality will be constant throughout the shot.
    How big is your crew?
    The cats are watching us...

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    This is good stuff, certainly better than my first wedding video by a distance

    I'm going to nitpick to find reasons to give you useful feedback:

    Those scenes at the beginning with people adjusting clothing work really well at a slower speed, which also go well with the choice of music. I saw you slowed a few bits thereafter, so my feedback is that you may want to apply the same treatment.

    At 1:08 - You need better stabilization if you are going to shoot from distance, like from behind the audience towards the altar. The shot does look stabilized a bit though, what were you using?

    1:41 - you are speeding some of the shots and it contrasts too much with the slowed shots. It may be a matter of personal preference, but I don't think that works better. Speeding up the footage seldom improves these types of videos (elegant stuff with an acoustic track), usually if you are adjusting the speed then slower is the way. The drone and establishing shots can work when sped up but on a case-by-case.

    Audio: audio is a very hard thing to get, but you have to keep pushing to get better quality, like hooking up directly to the room's feed if people are speaking to a mic, or asking someone to wear a wireless lapel mic (like the officiant). Also try to work on cleaning it up, particularly if you are using it sparingly at key points. Like if there's a moment of silence and an unwanted person speaks into it 0:05), then in editing you can remove that person, no need to leave them in.

    Also, about that intro with the voice over, it didn't quite feel right with the drone shot. Assuming that's the groom, if you had just started at the next shot then it would have been the groom in slow motion which correlates to the voice and sets the context, and by the time he gets to "thank you for everything" the shot is the bride. So a solution there is simply to drop the drone shot at front, or wait to start the voice over a few more seconds to match the groom. (And as said before, I would try to remove the other people from the audio, and also cut out the break in his speech to shorten it by a few seconds).

    Also, still on audio, it doesn't hurt to pull the groom aside during some intermission and ask him to record a few words separately. He probably would have said the same or similar, but you would have had clean audio. (And that's a good habit to have in general: pulling people aside and recording their thoughts- always makes for great voice over material later on.)

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    Looks neat and professional to me. A lot of slow motion (from my point of view, but it is only a matter of taste). Clients will be satisfied I believe.
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    I'm surprised no one has said anything about the quality of the ambient sound recording. Make sure you mic up the groom with a lav. Get a shotgun mic nearer the people speaking or whatever is needed to get good clean recordings of people talking.

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    Looks awesome! Incredible quality. Looked great to me

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    You have asked for comment on your very first video of a wedding and have received a fair amount of feedback mainly on technical matters. Our good friend Tim said very little this time but what he said was very important. Most likely what he didn’t say might have been more relevant. Tim asks “Did it meet/exceed the bride and groom’s expetations? If yes, then it doesn’t matter what we think of it”.

    My input is from being a pro wedding photographer for several years but only in stills a good many years ago. During the past couple of years I have been persuaded to video a couple of weddings for relatives - on my own in addition to the pro stills photographer.

    Let’s start with your offering. Some lovely creative scenes overall, so very well done. Certainly a very romantic touch and I’m sure the bride & groom will like it. Well done. BUT. I note its just over 4 minutes long . . . The complete day lasted many hours. The bride & groom’s parents and other older relatives, being of another generation, might have been looking more for a complete story of the day. Your lovely production was like a first class trailer for a romantic feature film.

    Now I will mention an important point here. Whilst close relatives and friends might like to see the full-length version of your masterpiece, an additional much shortened version should be made for others to view rather than they be forced to sit through the full length version. Your product seen here might be just the job for them.

    A book could be written (many certainly have) on the video coverage of a wedding. Many have just the single camera operator to do the job. Sometime one is blessed to have a ‘camera 2’ and some even more . . . (Money no object!!).

    I realise that times do change and the modern coverage of a wedding is far different from my days as a photographer. Generally the wedding has the standard stills photographer/s doing their bit. When doing my videos, I try to be the fly on the wall being as unobtrusive as possible, covering all the main situations plus all those unexpected happenings that occur, are hardly seen and mainly forgotten – that is until the video is shown and people are overjoyed that these moments are recorded.

    So your job is so far as possible, to have a complete record of the day. The preparations at the brides home (or whatever location). The chatter with bridesmaids etc whilst getting dressed and made up. Then locate the groom and friends at wherever. Most likely the local drinking hole. Record the banter and record some pre-planned sequences. Naturally, only if possible because of distance etc. Clearly if you have two camera operators then this is much easier. Try to get sequences of every aspect such as bride leaving home, arriving at the church (or wherever). Do what you can during the service etc. I offer no advice here.

    Remember to get plenty of shots of all the guests, relatives, children etc. because it is they that make up the great day and the B/G certainly wont be able to remember all their faces that were there to wish them well. In any spare moments, try approaching folk and ask them to say a few words to the B/G. Get a good shot a Grandma and her new hat and the brides mother mustn’t be forgotten. Speak to children and get their reactions. The list of possible shots is absolutely endless. You are trying to make a good complete record of the day. As mentioned earlier – try to be a fly on the wall with your coverage.

    During the editing stage, naturally cut out all the rubbish you are bound to get and then provide a quality DVD of (say) up to 2 hours being “THE STORY OF JIM & TANIA’S WEDDING DAY” for the Bride & Groom and possibly parents on either side. Don’t forget the very short edited version.

    Hope this helps. Wynn.

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    Lots of good advice here!

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