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Thread: Failed to build a preview graph

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    Default Failed to build a preview graph

    I have Ulead Video Studio 5.0 DV which im using for video capturing and i hook my optura xi to my fire wire and it says DV IN on the camera and when i hit captrue it starts playing on my camera but a pop comes up on the computer and says failed to build a preview graph so i figured i just needed a patch so i went on the ulead website and got new patches but that didn't help. Some one please help!

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    Video Studio 5???????

    Gosh that version must be about 4 or 5 years old.

    Anyway, the error occurs under the following conditions,

    1. Insufficient resources for MPEG capture. The solution to this is to capture in lossless AVI DV format.

    2. There is a conflict with Adobe Premiere (v6.x onward). There is certainly a patch for this in version 7 onward, but I will do a bit of digging to see if there is a patch for version 5.

    Meantime can you post back your project settings and your Capture settings.


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    Woohoo it works i did some digging on the website and found a patch and now it works! Thank You

    And in response for editing I don't use it for editing it just came up with my fire wire PCI card And just incase your wondering, I use Vegas And Premiere And After Effects And Photo Shop Im not new to video editing just the actual video capturing never done it before, never had too...

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