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Thread: EPIC Year Best 2017 Drone Footage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Dunakin View Post
    Thanks guys! Since I'm primarily shooting video of ghost towns, mines, and abandoned places, as well as interesting scenery, I'm always interested in possible methods of improvement.
    Hi Ray, Itís interesting what you wrote.

    Looking into my ĎCrystal Ballí I sense that you are a solitary photographer. Perhaps I'm wrong but If that is the case, then finding people and faces Ė as Tim suggests - to add human interest to your location videos might not be that easy. Are you a solitary worker by choice or because you have no one keen enough to accompany you? I work alone certainly not by choice. Years ago there was a local video club where one could form a small team to do projects. Cameraman, soundman, someone to do interviews and most likely a director. Not necessarily all at the same time of course. Gone are those days. I just canít find anyone with an interest to help with my projects and Iím of an Ďadvancedí age now. Even carrying the gear is a struggle.

    If you really have to work alone, you could try the simple trick of putting camera in a tripod and walking out into the scene and do several shout that way. Not having a drone, but I suppose you could appear in scenes yourself. Naturally some thought is required on this. Bit beyond me really.

    One other thing is to do a voice over at the editing stage. You did mention about telling a story with scenic videos being not so easy. When you show friends your videos at home, I assume you tell them where you were and all that sort of thing. Thatís all you need for a V/O. Any V/O doesnít have to be all the way through your video but just when it seems appropriate.

    Will be the first to say that writing and recording a V/O is far from easy and some practice is required to get it sounding at least reasonable. Perhaps you have a friend with a good speaking voice. One tip is to rehearse speaking the written words out loud, then you will discover words and phrases that you stumble over and can change those for alternatives.

    Perhaps, for you, none of the above applies, but some readers might be interested. Is there any chance you might be able to try something and let us see your results??? All the very best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynn Stedders View Post
    One tip is to rehearse speaking the written words out loud, then you will discover words and phrases that you stumble over and can change those for alternatives.
    Absolutely essential advice!

    The "problem" I have with voiceovers is I see/hear them time and time again in "club" films and the remote "Voice of God", where we cannot identify with the speaker can often make the film even more remote. This is exaggerated when the script is in the passive ("Water was drawn from this well up until 1945 when mains water finally arrived") as opposed to active ("We came across the well which was used until 1945 and tried to imagine how life must have been, having to travel with buckets or other containers, in all weather conditions, just to find something to wash in or drink"). Use "We", I" rather than "It was"

    If possible, show the voiceover person on screen at the beginning and end at least so we can identify with the person talking. Far better is to use real people in an interview situation (and best if we don't hear the interviewer). Enc has one or two films posted here which really demonstrate this well. Within second we are drawn in by the character who is speaking.

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    I like that you dubbed in ambient sounds, it adds so much to the impact of the shots and the music works well for the piece.

    I didn't like the teal & orange colour grading, I think it took away some of the magic.

    Well stitched together promo piece.

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