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Thread: EPIC Year Best 2017 Drone Footage

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    Default EPIC Year Best 2017 Drone Footage

    2017 has been a fantastic year for all the drone enthusiast and film makers, with so many fantastic drones released, everyone pretty much jumped on the owning a drone band wagon. I was one of them who have settled with DJI Mavic Pro, having owned a Phantom 3 Advanced then Phantom 4 and it has made life so easy for me when travelling abroad or even just locally. Here are my Drone reel from 2017, all in 4K quality.
    Comment below and let me know your thought, CC welcomed. And if you like the video, please do press the like button and if you want to see more hit the subcribe button on youtube. Enjoy!

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    Very nice! I like the added sound effects under the music, it gives it more dimension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Dunakin View Post
    Very nice! I like the added sound effects under the music, it gives it more dimension.
    Thank you! that's the whole point, i want to give a new dimension rather than just dramatic music. I am glad someone recognised it.


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    Perfect, I really like it.

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    Looking at the drone video and the comments passed by members, I have hesitated about posting a slightly negative comment. I agree with all the very nice observations Ė Wonderful quality, stunning views, well recorded, suitable music etc. So what is my minor quibble?

    Well a drone is just another tool in the video photographers kit. The same as a GoPro camera, tripod, sliders, stabilisers, cranes, filters, sloMo, extra W/A lens etc. Each designed to help making video productions (perhaps) easier, more dramatic and maybe artistically better. Itís been mentioned here many times that a video Ė is to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. Itís absolutely fine to tell a video story with nothing more than a basic camcorder or smartphone, but naturally one can use any advanced tools you may have to improve the overall production values.

    What the author of the drone video has done is to produce a superb video showing what drone photography is capable of. The sort of product that the manufactures would produce for themselves - an advertisement for the results drones can produce in glamorous distant parts, but does it tell us any kind of story?

    It was only a short while ago that folks were getting the Ďmust haveí GoPro type cameras. Then we were shown many, many videos of all kinds of captured madcap action. Great stuff. Sadly, most didnít tell us any story but just a series of cracking action sequences. Itís to be noted that some manufacturers are scaling down the production of this type of camera, no doubt due to the novelty wearing off.

    Every one of the bits of equipment mentioned is fine when used in moderation in an appropriate situation to add value to the story.

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