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Thread: Cannot convert video files

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    I have been given some video files by a friend which are of amateur music bands which have been recorded over the years.

    The video's are in 3 types (avi,wmv,mpeg).

    The wmv's are no problem to convert (I'm using Ulead Moviefactory 4), I have had to convert some of the avi's as when I put them through MF it wouldn't convert and burn onto DVD, but the real problem is the mpeg's.

    When I put these through MF all I get is a box come up with the message "No video data could be found", I can play the video's through Windows Mdia Player, Real Player. I have tried converting them, which it did but when I tried to burn the converted file it was a no go.

    Is there a program that might fix this?

    Thanks in advance.


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    You could maybe try using virtualdub - - which isn't the easiest program to use but it's quite flexible and best of all, free!

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    Thanks Mike,

    I will try out your suggestion.


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