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Thread: Does a Capture/TV Card with an RGB Scart Input exist??

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    Default Does a Capture/TV Card with an RGB Scart Input exist??

    I don't think one exists! I want to record some stuff from my Gamecube - but I hate the quality of Composite Video (can't use S-Video since S-Video Output is disabled on PAL Gamecubes). I have an RGB Scart Cable for my GC, but I can't find a Capture/TV Card that has this form of input! Can anyone help me?

    If there is not one available, are there any with Component Video Inputs instead? (I don't mind buying a component cable for my Gamecube if I need to)

    Thanks for any help/advise.

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    Given that your doing an analogue to digital transfer anyway, if I were you I'd just stick with the Composite connection. You'll fiind that even with component, your video will look just the other side of naff on a progressive scan monitor.

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