Hi everyone. My names Tyler. I took video editing for the first time last year, my senior year in high school. We used Canon miniDV cameras and iMac's, along with iMovie. I finally got the urge to try doing it for myself, as I've always wanted a camcorder and purchased one a few weeks ago. Here's my setup as of right now;

Custom Built PC - 2500+, 1 gig. of PC3200 ram, 80GB (60gb empty), Ti4200
Camera - Samsung SCD23
Memory - Sony 128mb Stick
Software: Ulead Movie Factory (VideoStudio, PictureShow, DVD Maker)
Firewire Card: Via 4-port
and a whole brick of MiniDV tapes.

Now I've spent tons of time strolling around the net collecting useful links etc; which was more difficult then expected! Where's the communities like there is for everything else?! Anywhere's, here's my questions.

1. Am I missing anything?
2. When it comes to cutting/transforming audio, what "cheapish" program should I use.
3. Any cheap books I should pick up?
4. What resolution do MiniDV's film in? What resolution/codec/version should I burn my movie in?
5. Any interesting options that I should take avantage of on my camera (I'm assuming $500 and less are all similiar)
6. Anything else?
7. Oh yeah, I've read Ulead Studio 7 is missing common trans? Is there anywhere I can get them?
8. Anything else I should dl?