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    Hello! Haven't posted for a while... I'm need of some "sound" advice (there's a pun in there somewhere).

    I managed top drop my camera a while a go. The camera got a few scars but the attached mic smashed. Oops. I'm finally looking to buy a new one and wondered what I should buy. A few things to consider - it'll be used for filming motorsports or ambient sound and it will be attached to either the camera or a Ronin M. I'd rarely use it for interviews. Budget wise, I'd like to understand what I could expect to get in a price range.

    Any tips?

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    The only Ronin M I'm aware of is a camera stabilisation rig and at the risk of sounding silly, why would you want to stabilise a microphone?

    Coincidently I've worked with a RØDE Stereo VideoMic stereo of a friend not so long ago and I was very pleased with the results. Price is probably around £ 150 new. We used it for an outdoor shoot and I was personally very content with the results. I don't have the samples from the take but there's plenty of examples on the web.

    The solution that I use myself is a ZOOM H4n Pro which I can either fix to my camera or a tripod or simply place somewhere in the scene. My main reason for this solution however is that I also record sound without video

    I bet there's plenty of other options out there but these two are the ones I've used professionally and they come at a friendly price for what you get.
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    Thanks for the reply! That’s the very mic I smashed. Will probably end up getting that again.

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    No problem. In that case I'd definitely go for replacing it, it's a very nice microphone!
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    In the same size/cost 3.5mm jack area is the Audio Technica AT8024, well worth having a look at.

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