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    Appreciate a little guidance please.
    Iíve been approached by a couple of professional football players due to the nature of the business I normally specialist in and theyíve asked me if itís possible if I can produce a professional looking Video highlights showreel to include there own selected music and to include stills on the show reel video aswell as different clips of video footage through the season, could somebody recommend please ideal software to use to create my first one and see how it goes?
    Help would be greatly appreciated

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    Software is easy (but not so easy to learn). You wouldn't even need full blown professional software for this. The big names are Final Cut (Mac only) Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci resolve, Magix Vegas (PC Only). If you want fancy graphics you may want to look at compositing tools such as After Effects, Boris (or HitFilm)
    The biggest issue here would be getting hold of the source material, (video, stills and music) and at leats as importantly the rights to use them.

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