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Thread: 16:9 Ratio

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    Should be fine on the telly as well without any bars
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    OK I know it plays good and looks good and everything is in the right Shape.

    Now my Graphics are 853x480 so they are Widescreen Ratio.

    And my TV is 5. feet wide and 2 feet high so it is Widescreen Ratio.

    But when my Video I made plays without Bars on top and bottom I thought I did not make a Widescreen Video.
    But if I am right I did make a Widescreen Video it just is not that Wide so the TV did not have to put Bars to keep the Ratio.

    Am I right on this?

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    Not quite sure what your exact question is but I hope this will answer your question:
    You made a wide video in the same ratio as your television. This means you do not see black bars.
    It is possible to make even wider video's (you can put two widescreen video's next to each other for example) and if you do make it wider than the ratio of your television you will automatically see black bars.
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