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Thread: Jerusalem's Old City in Two Minutes

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    Default Jerusalem's Old City in Two Minutes

    This is a short travel video I made to capture a bunch of sights in Jerusalem's Old City (so many alleys and so many people). I had to scrap a lot of footage that was shaky, but managed to save the rest in post-prod. I hope you enjoy the result!

    (and I'm definitely asking for a stabilizer for Christmas)

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    Not bad at all. One of the transitions were clever but I'm not sure they worked (e.g. The oranges). Try to keep to one or two types. My only other comment is avoid using too many shots that include mainly people walking away from the camera.

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    I'll definitely keep in mind the people walking away. And I agree with the transition of the oranges. As much as I liked making it, I should have taken it out. Thank you for your feedback!

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