So, I did a post a week ago on how to put mini and 8mm cassette tapes from two sharp cameras and was planning on converting them to dvd and editing them. I had gotten replies on what to do and bought the necessary items for it to work. The products on the bottom are what I bought (the dv cables I think I bought the wrong cables for those for my sharp z camera). the hard drive is HGST Travelstar 2.5-Inch 500GB 7mm SATA III 7200RPM 32MB Cache Internal Drive Kit 0S03788 and the ram is aKingston 4GB 1RX8 PC3L-12800S-11-11-B3 HP16D3LS1KBG/4G DDR3 Laptop Memory. The software that came with the converter device is called arcsoft showbiz and because the dv cables I bought may have been the wrong thing to choose from, I used the converter device and plugged the av jack into the converter instead of the dv port. It works with showbiz, except the audio is very loud. When I changed the video decoder, I get different sounds other than the audio in my camera. I tested the audio by burning a small capture clip into dvd to see if that loud audio was on there and it was. I'm thinking it has to do with the video decoder part as to why the audio isn't working right but I'm not sure. Helps appreciative.

PINGSX 6Feet Usb Data cable Firewire IEEE 1394 for MINI DV HDV camcorder to edit Laptop computer pc camcorder to edit PC