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    I've had Vegas 5.0 for a while now and do all my projects with it. The past project and this project have been quite bothersome. I have a fast computer with plenty of memory/ram, etc..

    But this prject I'm doing now is a slideshow of about 250 pictures.. everything in the program takes forever to do. Not really "forever," but I'm used to clicking and something happens instantly. I find myself waiting a few seconds and it gets quite annoying when I have a lot of project left to do and it used to be able to move right along with me.

    Is there anything I can check out to see why its running like this? The pictures take a long time to load into the timeline too. Also, it affects if I open something outside of Vegas too. If I open a browser, play music, etc.

    Any ideas on how to get things back to normal or speed things up? Thanks in advance!

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    What are the specs of you PC?

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    Windows XP
    Pentium IV
    3.2 Ghz
    1 GB Ram

    As far as space.. I have an external hard drive with all my video clips on it.. so the C drive is basically free of anything.

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    defragment you drives,
    check your vegas temp folders,
    check system teperatures

    what's the extrenal drive connected through? if it aint usb2 or firewire then - probs.

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    External Drive is connected with USB2, so that should be fine.

    Umm, I'm probably due for a defrag, I'll do that tonight. And I thought I was somewhat computer literate, but can't seem to find a Vegas Temp folder.

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    it depends where u've set them up or if u have set them up, in Vegas click options - preferences. At the bottom of the preferences window is the location of the temp folder.

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