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    Default Best plugins - Premiere

    Just to know your opinion about the best plugin pack around to Adobe Premiere.

    My goes to Magic Bullet: simple to use, it gives a more professional and cinematic look and mood to your clips!

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    I don't think there really is a "best" plugin - it's really down to what you want to achieve. Magic Bullet would be the "worst" plugin if you wanted to achieve slow motion for example .

    But twixtor, magic bullet, borris continuum and Saphire are amongst the most popular.
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    A couple of months ago my 'best' plugin vote would have gone to Matrox. OK, i know you need the hardware as well but it's still a plugin. Realtime render and export. Only drawback is that it doesn't support HDV at all.

    This month my vote would go to Cineform's Aspect HD. A s/w only set of realtime plugins for HDV editing.

    Ask me again next month. Depending on what I'm up to I might change my mind.

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    Default ..

    marc peters, yes, there are a lot of diferent plugins to diferent functions. But in a global way, i want to know the ones who better help to achieve a professional and "complex" look to our works.

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    I read you question again and I didn't really answer it. But please, we're all friends here, call me Marc

    There's certainly no magic formula for making your video instantly pro. It's a combination of talent, experience and the right tools. The mistake we all fall in to is being led by the technology.

    I found myself today searching for "cool" plugins. It's too easy to get trapped into thinking, "if only I had the rights tool". Well, my friend, you do have the right tools in Premiere

    Someone posted a tip the other day about increasing the brightness and contrast on clips. I believe it was tone33. I took a stab at following his lead and lo and behold the effect looked fantastic. Really gave the video an improved look. There's so much you can acheive through what you've already got (and without spending a penny!)

    If I had a spare $1,000, I'd definately buy Saphire. I love some of the effects and especially the glow. Annoyingly, this particular effect is standard in Vegas. Grrr. Then, as I said, twixtor apparently gives that super slick slow mo effect that everyone's always after.

    I'm looking at featuring a few plugins in an article, so if you anyone has a few suggestions...
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    So there is something I can offer the knowlege pool. At last I feel worthy!

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    Top tip mate. I had a low lit shot from my XL2, which although good needed a bit of touching up. Followed your advice, dropped on my magic bullet preset and the effect was stunning!
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    It's surprising how often tweaking contrast & colour can salvage a naff clip. This is actually one of Premiere's best features - there are other apps that just can't do it very well.

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