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Thread: Stained Glass Concept - Opinions Needed

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    And so I will be reuploading a new version. Turns out that when you edit the color of the master in premiere and then open the sequence in AE, it doesn't bring with it your color correction? At least none of my sequences have in the two projects I've done so I'm just doing it all in premiere now and super frustrated (had 4 hours of sleep and have been here for 10 hours now....).

    Gear was RED Raven, a heavy steel slider (it was a pain lol) and that's it. I don't know what the lenses he used were. I just helped with the shoot. We used 100% natural lighting for the entire thing which is why there is some grain.

    So it's come down to these two. One with a "glitch" effect and one without. The second also has some mirror-ing effect and I like it much better.

    Glitch version -
    Mirror version -
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