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Now that was a worthwhile investment!. The CPL, as no doubt you have discovered, also has a similar effect to an ND filter. No problem in this environment. These shots look great. Another trick you can do with it is to have an image reflected in a window, then turn the filter to kill the glare and reveal someone/thing on the other side of the glass. One day I'll make a film that actually required that shot
The CPL brand is B+W. I too was highly pleased with the results and at $41 from Amazon it is, indeed, a bargain. The telephoto lens I was using does not have a manual iris ring, but is electrically operated by the camera. In addition to the CPL, I also notched the camera's ISO down to 400 from 800 and it appears that the BMPCC likes operating better in that range.

I really need to 'play' some more with this camera to familiarize myself with its strengths and weaknesses. I do, however see the need for an external HDMI monitor with a sun hood mounted on a cage arrangement. I think I'll try using the CPL to shoot through a car windshield to do that trick you proposed.

The workflow for the BMPCC is to ingest the 444 Raw footage into Resolve and place all clips on the timeline. Then I applied the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera "Film to rec 709" LUT to each clip, then balanced the RGB Parade waveforms for each clip, then converted the entire timeline into a continuous .mp4 single clip for editing in Premiere Pro.