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Thread: London Westminster 'Zey The Mouse' Episode 4 'Clara's Birthday' Animation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    im beginning to wish i hadn't re visited hectors house .. i had only fond memory's
    Indeed. Lust was first awoken in this old git by ZsaZsa the cat!

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    Hector's House was great, i quite liked the frog, Here is another newspaper article from last week on Zey's new episode.
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    Your hard work has paid off

    With your ability to design sets you can put Zey pretty much anywhere and it will look great

    I think adding some ambient sound on the subway would be my only suggestion

    Great job

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    Hey, Zamiotana, Thanks for watching, I think for the next episode which is entitled 'Who's Playing The Game'
    a Sci-fi theme, music and sound will be the entire episode, plus some rules in the game.
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