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    Hi all,

    I'm starting at the very basics here and want to get things right from the start.

    • I have a Sony DCR-PC8E mini DV Camcorder with a whole load of tapes (yes) of family stuff on. I used a Sony DVD recorder to transfer to DVD using DVD-RW discs. I've found that these only play on Sony DVD players which is more than frustrating.
    • I also have a Sony HD Camcorder (I think it's the XR520VE) with a full hard disk that I need to transfer and edit.
    • I have a Panasonic TZ40 with a load of short video clips on in AVCHD format
    • I've recently added a GoPro Hero 5 to the collection and when trying to import onto my computer have playback issues (prior to editing)
    • I have an older iMac i7 (2011) with 1tb hard drive and a macbook pro with 250gb SSD.

    I have the following questions.
    Sony DV Camcorder
    1. What is the best way to transfer media from the DV camcorder onto the Mac in order to edit

    Sony HD Camcorder
    1. What is the best way to transfer media from the HD camcorder onto the Mac in order to edit (see general question about where to store feels before editing)

    Panasonic TZ40
    1. I am able to get one large file off the camera onto my Mac, and then import lots of files - however this is quite chunky. Is there an easier way to do this?

    1. What is causing my jerky file playback issue? How can I solve it as it plays fine on the device itself and through TV.

    1. Should I store the media in a separate drive to keep the main hard drive free for editing and storage?
    2. What would you recommend as the best software for editing at an amateur home vid level? Is iMovie good enough?
    3. What would you then recommend as the best software to a)burn to DVD and b)use to convert to media that can be stored in an online media storage vault of some kind
    4. Do you as hygiene delete your old media or store the files somewhere in the cloud in case you have an issue (or am I being paranoid) - what would you recommend

    Lots of questions here, and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read through and respond
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    Hi here are the answers according to me.

    1. Back in the day that DV was still the latest and greatest I could simply hook the DV up to the iMac (One of those funky coloured CRT all in one things) and load them right into iMovie (I assume that was the program I can't remember it 100% since it's 15 years ago.
    2. The SONY HD Camcorder likely records to SONY's Memory Stick PRO Duo cards. Best way in my opinion is to take the stick out and put it directly into the card reader of your computer. Might need an adapter for that though. Otherwise use the USB lead.
    3. In regards to the Panasonic: No, small files stay small files. You will have to merge all the small files if you want to have them into a larger file but that still means you will need to transfer all the small files to your computer first.
    4. I suspect that the GoPRo 4K footage is either too heavy to handle for your computer or perhaps you need a software upgrade.

    1. Good plan though not a must.
    2. iMovie will do fine
    3. a. no idea
    b. no need to convert. the final files can be placed right on your storage medium.
    4. if I don't use old media anymore I delete it but generally I keep it in archive at home.
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