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Thread: 4K editing on Mid -high Range laptop?

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    RL_Sensei, thank you for clarifying your thoughts.

    I donít mean to start a Ďbest processorí argument. My point is simply that for video editing nothing is exactly blowing anything out of the water overall. (If anything the previous generation had a clear winner in price/performance, given that Ryzen 7 is much faster than same-gen Intel at a much lower cost, give or take some charts.) But today all processor offerings are good for editing video. Prices have become somewhat comparable although AMD is still cheaper overall as a complete build.

    Just to reply with my opinion, the benchmarks I personally follow most closely are Cinebench and Passmark because Iíve felt the results resemble my own experience with the processors Iíve had.

    Iím currently on Ryzen 7 1700 (not the faster X version). In this chart, Cinebench and Passmark put the difference between my 1700 and the new i7 8700K at less than 10% for multi-core:

    I donít care about the single-core performance for reasons beyond this post that should be obvious to most, and Iím not too worried about specific app charts (for instance, I donít use Adobe Media Encoder at all). My main concern is overall multi-thread performance, as it affects real-world feel of heavy processing apps.

    In terms of prices, on Amazon they currently are $363 vs $295. So more than 10%, and thatís before taking into account that Coffee Lake runs on a newer architecture, which means pricier components to make a build.

    Also, I don't mean to minimize your opinion. If you feel that the data clearly shows that Intel is the only way, then fine, I'll respect your choice. I personally don't agree and I think just about anyone here would be happy editing video on a Ryzen 7 or even 5 if they can find a good deal and that's what fits their budget. Unless you feel that the Ryzen will choke somehow (I can attest that it won't), I think there would only be a need to go into any more detail if someone wants an accurate assessment for their video editor of choice (like how a particular CPU/GPU will perform with Premiere Pro or Davinci).
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    A few points on price/performance for anyone following this thread:

    While it is indisputable that the latest chips will often offer the height of performance, you have to bear in mind that Intel Coffee Lake chips were released less than a month ago.

    Why does time matter? Because we are not just shopping for max performance. Even if the latest Coffee Lake chips are faster and will soon try to compete in price across all builds, you still need to shop for a computer in the now. My philosophy is to stay a step behind the latest release, looking for a bug-free workhorse that can be had on sale and performs imperceptibly the same as the latest technology.

    Case in point:
    A month ago I paid USD $1380 for:
    Ryzen 7, Nvidia 1070, Windows 10 Pro, 500GB SSD, 4TB 7200 HD, 16GB RAM.

    The equivalent in i7 8700K (10 months younger chip) may be faster but also cost more, and you’ll have fewer options (if any) in picking a pre-built desktop or laptop from your favorite vendor.

    I shopped plenty to make this choice, and at the time Ryzen won by a long stretch. You could argue that if I had ‘waited’ I could have seen the launch of Intel’s Coffee Lake this month, but in terms of making a purchase I can't get behind a processor released this month because it is not realistic to the release->debug->adopt->cost-reduction cycle. The machine I bought had been assembled more than 6 months ago, and I bought it new on sale as they were clearing the shelves, for a few $hundred less than I would have had to pay to build it myself. I’m happy with my purchase, it runs very smoothly and I feel fully empowered to perform my work.

    Technology always moves forward, so IMO the right choice is to buy the best balance of power/reliability/cost, and even right now with the new gen of Intel at great low prices, previous gen machines on sale are still great alternatives and there’s more variety to pick from, particularly if you are looking for laptops. You won’t find many laptop options with i7 8700K, let alone affordable ones, but if you look at the previous gen you may even find good discounts for machines that just 6 months ago were considered the best of modern technology.

    Long story short: Ryzen processors have great performance as do many of the previous gen Intel processors. As we all know, if you want to adopt latest gen stuff you’ll pay a bit more and have fewer options. You have to decide what matters to you, but one thing that’s for certain is that if you just want something that will do the job and let you perform your work, then you can’t go wrong with any of these options in terms of performance.

    You could even spend less than USD$800 on a Ryzen 5 with Nvidia 1060 and end up with a very capable 4K editing machine. It won’t export quite as fast as the bigger brothers, but then most of us editing video are perfectly familiar with waiting for the render.

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