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Thread: Hero 3 video to Sony Vegas 9 for editing

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    Default Hero 3 video to Sony Vegas 9 for editing

    Am having trouble finding a free converter for me to end up with GoPro video that I can open in Vegas 9 for editing.
    I know GoPro suggest their software but this entails installing Quicktime which appears to be risky unsupported gear now.

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    Hello Minty, Google will find a program called 'any video converter', as it says anything from and to anything else, even to MOV without having QT. Cheers - Jem

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    Thanks Jem, will have a look at that. Had given up on "converting" and have downloaded Windows Movie Maker, which recognises GoPro files...marvellous!
    Have tried a dummy run today and the editing is OK but am getting jerky playback at times.???

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    Hello Minty,

    I assume your jerky playback is in the preview mode it will go away when you render it.
    If not then I would think the frame rate is too low.

    Before I bought Power Director 14 I used Windows Movie Maker 6: There is also a forum and lots of add ons for the program I thought it was the best of the free offerings.

    Cheers - Jem

    [edit] I could see something about Windows Live Essentials in the questions under the text on Blaines page. I downloaded WMM6 64bit to see if it would load on Win10, I'm pleased to say that it does.
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    Can you export GoPro files from WMM in the same format you imported them? (MP4 if I'm not mistaken) - or are you stuck with *ack* *gag* some bogus Windows format (wmv or whatever)

    (edit) I was just being a dick when I suggested that you couldn't export to a proper format from WMM but based on a quick web search I think it is true! You poor bugger!
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