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Thread: Psychedelic Trance Video Clip

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    Default Psychedelic Trance Video Clip

    Me and my friends did this..

    Comments are welcome.

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    I'd say the editing is really good and suits the trance vibe. The song is also pretty good. The faces are really cool and psychedelic, almost creepy lol. It does remind me of Aphex Twin. However I would also say that the quality is lacking, like alot of it seems low quality.. Maybe the way you rendered? .. Still, the view count is nice so it hasnt ruined it. Keep it up!!!


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    I enjoyed this for about 30 seconds then realised I was getting bored. Not because it was bad, it just didn't go anywhere. If this is a backscreen projection for a band/DJ/dance act then great otherwise - what's the purpose? I can see what Outss means about the quality, but that didn't really cause me any grief.

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    As Tim says if it's for projection in a club for the DJ then it should work well, otherwise I'm one for having some sort of narrative in a video.

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