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Thread: Video editing software with a 'music timeline'?

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    Default Video editing software with a 'music timeline'?


    I'm a musician and producer, in recent months I've been releasing short music clips online, with visuals to accompany.

    So far I've been editing in iMovie, which is... tedious.

    What I would like to find instead is a video editing software allows me to make edits that snap to a 'music grid' of bars, beats, and subdivisions. This would allow me to cut between clips in sync with the music.

    Does such a thing exist? ProTools itself does allow video import The closest I'm aware of is the

    I don't have a huge budget, but right now I would just like to know if what I'm after even exists.

    Thanks X

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    Hi Willjaz and welcome,

    I've been away so I don't know whether you'll even bother looking back at this.
    I'm not aware of anything that "snaps to the beat" and I can think of reasons why:

    1. Let's assume our music is MIDI or you can speed it up/slow it down. How then do you deal with the video? Do you add/remove frames to compensate or do you stretch/squeeze the video (which will result in at least some re-interpolation)? Not really feasible by my reckoning.
    2. Assuming you've finished the music - compare the sample rate (tens of thousands of samples per second) to the frame rate of your video - even at a high "normal" rate in the US that's only 60 frames per second) - they are way apart. You're never (or rarely) going to get the cut on exactly the same beat.
    3. Actually you probably don't want the cut on what is technically the beat. Depending on the material you may want it very slightly ahead of or behind the beat.

    The way I and others I know do this is to put the usic on the timeline and (assuming the software allows it) tap the keyboard along to the music, placing "markers" on every bar/half bar/beat and then snap our edits to that marker. For extra precision we do this at half time or slower. Most NLE's allow markers (HitFilm doesn't but I keep pestering them for it) Vegas Movie Studio has this facility, is low budget and has a free fully functional, time limited trial.

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    I saw you're saying that you have no budget, and the only thing I can tell you is to make it. Nothing good comes for free, so if you need to find an app suitable for your preference, you need to pay for it. We all know a bunch of free editors, but they are not doing much, and if you even have some personal requests about it, I am not sure you'll ever find something. I remember working with streamladder on this platform , but I didn't feel like it was better than other editors until I paid for it. I had been reading about it for a long, but I didn't understand why people liked it as much as I understood after it was because of their premium account.
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