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Thread: How to create a dematerialized 4K video with menus

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    Thank you,
    Waiting for your diagnostic

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    There's no menu. it might be something to do with the way it's published by your program. Try to see if there are any settings that might be related to the production of a menu. Other possibility is that this isn't the entire output folder so I'm missing the menu bits.
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    Hi Grapes,
    Thanks for your feedback. The different animations for the menu are in BDMV\STEAM. I can see the thumbnail for the whole movie, then the thumbnails for chapter one, chapter 2 and chapter 3.
    I will try now to do a 5 mn movie with 3 chapters. I will put here the different steps to go to the disc production
    I will again submit via wetransfer Link
    So here we go
    First creation of the menu with the three chapters

    Then I choose the format, in my case Blu-Ray disc

    Then I ask the soft to burn a file instead of 1/ a disk 2/ an ISO image

    I will send you the zip by link.
    Thanks a lot again,
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    Hi Grapes,
    Here is the link, the zip is 1.1Go


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    Hi again, I tried a few different programs of which PowerDVD was one of the more recommended ones to be able to show a working menu. Unfortunately I couldn't succeed into using the menu.
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    Hi Grapes,
    Did you try with the new smallest file ?
    It seems that either the software does not allow to do "dematerialized" DVD with menus, or there is something missing in the rendered files.
    What editing software are you using to be able to do DVD or BD with menus on e USB disc ?
    Thank you again for your time and support,

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    Yeah I did.
    I never burn to BD, I do watch BD's on PC but never with a menu so it might just only work when you actually burn it to BD...
    Oddly I only have that issue with BD, DVD's on the other hand do work with a menu. I'm marking it down to different tech.
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    Hi Grapes,
    Thank you so much for your time efforts and constant support.
    I have been on many sites and I do not think it is possible to do this without physically burning a support.
    Have a nice week-end,

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