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    Thinking on drones. There is much interest in these modern marvels as can be seen by the postings on this forum. Only this week it was announced that some police forces in the UK are setting up specialist drone operating units, as they are so much cheaper than sending out helicopters on lots of tasks. Then this week a friend in distant parts tells me that he has got one.

    Naturally one is interested and for days I have been looking on You Tube at reviews, examples and costs. All very exciting and wonderful. Then I lay down in a dark room and got my brain into sensible gear. If I were ever to be mad enough to get one, what would I actually use it for after the first flush of enthusiasm wore off? I do quite a bit of video relating to my city, its buildings and events. I could visualise the lovely angles and viewpoints possible, especially interiors of (say) large churches. However it’s quite clear to start with, that to use a drone at many locations and events would certainly need a licence and possible training and then PL insurance and so on. I asked my friend what he intends to do with his new ‘toy’. He explained that he was interested in the countryside and I can appreciate his interest but, like all video, it needs a story line to be of interest to others.

    In my wild dreams I visualise the drone at a distance and the presenter speaking to the camera as it approaches, but Oh . . . Camera doesn’t actually recording any sound so far as I can see. Some may of course! Still, easily overcome with the audio recording done on a separate recorder and linked in editing. More expense and complications!. Then of course as the drone gracefully approaches the presenter, the noise of the drone would be loud & clear on the audio recording. Yes, all these problems can be overcome of course.

    There is certainly a lot more to owning a drone with camera than meets the eye. I can see that for many, once the novelty has worn off, it will finish up in a cupboard along with other gear no longer used. I also have bought things in the past now never used.

    With several forum members using drones perhaps they can tell us what they use them for, and how often, now that the initial excitement has waned. It would be even better if some videos were submitted for our appreciation that were not just examples of the footage obtained on the first try outs, but a proper video with titles, ground shots, aerial views and with a presenter and/or a voice-over giving us important information, but above all a proper story to interest the viewer.

    Worth a discussion? Lets hear your views.


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    If you have no use for it don't buy it.
    Microphones on a drone are tricky because drones make a tremendous amount of noise.
    The cats are watching us...

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    I really love the effects you can get with drones, I guess its because its different views from the normal.... I really want one but I know that once ive played with it a few times it wont get used.... if they weren't so expensive then maybe I would.... who knows in time I may give in lol

    not sure I would want sound, surely it would just be the sound of the wind and the sound of the blades...... id give it a miss, like Grapes said really....
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    please feel free to subscribe and share before the kids kill each other lmao

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    Wynn, your head appears to be screwed on correctly and/or that lying down in a darkened room did you good.
    Drone shots can be superb. But use them to tell or enhance the story.
    I have no desire to own and learn to fly one. But I do have a desire one day to include drone footage. When that day comes, I'll ask someone who has a drone to shoot it to my direction.
    (I don't have a green screen either, yet my most successful films are green screened - I borrow from friends who are happy to lend and I am very appreciative)

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    Hey there,

    Drones are amazing for establishing shots and "new" camera angles/perspectives.

    But I see people going crazy with these birds by showing/editing drone footage only. I think it is a great tool depending on your goals you want to achieve.

    I have a customer/client that wants me to record his customer houses.
    So for me it is a great thing

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    Every one a real gem . . . . Drone at football match

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynn Stedders View Post
    Every one a real gem . . . . Drone at football match

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post

    Tim. That's the best one word comment ever. Even better than 'Cooooooorrrrrrrrrrrr'

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