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Thread: Thanks for the feedback (Amsterdam)

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    Default Thanks for the feedback (Amsterdam)

    Hey guys,
    taking your comments in consideration I decided to make a new video:
    I am still a beginner trying to learn what I am doing
    Any advices?

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    Somehow I seem to have forgot to press the post button when I typed my initial reply but I'll try to reproduce it

    This looks a bit better over all. There's still a few redundant shots like the orange flower close-up at 1.29 which adds no value in my opinion.
    With this shot my biggest objection is the narration though. (With narration I'm referring to the underlying story not an actual narrator.)
    Right now it looks like you're leaving the Netherlands right at the start and the last shot looks like you're suddenly back in Dubai which makes no sense...

    I'd say the main thing to focus on for your next video is to edit the shots in a logical order so you create a visual story like: Get up -> Pack stuff -> Hail cab -> Arrive at airport -> Check in -> Take off -> Arrive at destination -> Look around -> Get back home
    That's just an example of course but you get the idea right? For the example time-line the fist 6 parts could be 1-3 second cuts and the main part would be the looking around obviously Also using that set-up you could recycle the whole "going to location" bit for your next video's like a sort of standard title introduction (just don't recycle the arrival at location bit )
    The cats are watching us...

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