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Thread: Vegas Movie Studio vs Adobe Premiere Elements

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    Default Vegas Movie Studio vs Adobe Premiere Elements

    Hello everyone

    I'm looking for a video editing software for a complete beginner, with absolutely no knowledge, and was deliberating between those two. I have previously used a free editor called Avidmux, however, it constatntly crashed and gave error messages (free...).
    OS - Windows 7 64-bit.

    So, what do you think? Which one is preferred?


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    As you are no doubt aware after your research they are both very capable. It really boils down to which you prefer and you can only find that out by editing a film in each.
    I'd suggest that Vegas lends itself to someone who has a systematic mind - by which I mean likes to break down a task into logical sub tasks and sub-sub-tasks.
    For example, in Vegas you can apply an effect to a piece of video in your timeline, to a track in your timeline (so it affects every piece of video ion that track), to the original clip (so it applies everywhere pices of video from that original clip appear) or to the whole project. If you understand that and appreciate the significance in a positive way, then Vegas is probably for you.
    Vegas also also superior audio capabilities.
    However, PE is probably more popular and at present has a more strong and stable future, Vegas having changed hands fairly recently.

    Both, I believe have free trials available.

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    I've been using Vegas for a while, and have only recently switched to Premiere. So why did I switch? Adobe has something called, "Adobe Dynamic Link" which basically allows workflows to be edited together without having to render anything. Depending on what you're doing, this saves a huge amount of time. I think for this reason and other compatibility reasons, if you're planning on using any other adobe products for editing, Premiere is the choice. That being said, I actually like the way Vegas works much better. As TimStanndard said, audio editing is much smoother in Vegas. Mostly because you can crossfade clips (audio and video) by overlapping them in the timeline, whereas in premiere if you overlap clips, it will delete part of the clip instead . I also think the controls make more sense as well, though I suppose that is subjective. Things like being able to travel in the timeline's X and Y axis by holding middle mouse button makes editing smoother in my opinion, while in premiere you need to use the sliders for one axis.

    Overall I think if you are just getting into it, it would be better for you to learn premiere since it is considered the more "professional" peice of software. If somebody hired you to edit videos or something, chances are they would want you to use premiere. Also premiere is bundled in with Adobe CC so it ends up being the go to editing software for most people/companies.

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    As I don't use Adobe Premiere Elements, Pro or Adobe CC, only Vegas MSP and Vegas Pro, can you clarify if your post refers to Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements (as per the topic)?

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    I was refering to Premiere Pro. I just realized he was asking about Elements, not Pro. Hmm my bad.

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