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Thread: How to make these amazing zoom pan & scan fades?

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    Default How to make these amazing zoom pan & scan fades?

    Hello All!
    Ive just watched this amazing video from MicBergsma on youtube
    its called PERU.
    The question IS... does anyone know how to create these ( amazing zoom pan & scan fades) within Vegas pro 14,or any other sw for windows pc?
    Thanks mark
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    The "Zoom Blur" effect contained in NewBlue's Motion Blur's pack which I have as a plug in for Vegas seems very similar, but not a slick. However NewBlue have repackaged all their effects and so I'm not sure where you'd find it now.

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    From looking at the sample video. It's seems to that choosing the right movement direction is important to make it work well. ie some sometimes it just zoomed in other times it would sweep to the top left or bottom right. The following clip is key to knowing which way to have the movement.

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    Think you go for a pan in your camera and apply a zoom transition in post.
    Or you zoom in to your footage and pan in post with keyframes and add the zoom blur plugin. For this method I highly recommend a good resolution like 1080p or higher cuz you'll definitely lose image quality while cropping your footage

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    These are canned transitions - you just need to find out which NLE the guy/gal was using and buy a copy

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