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    What software would u need to make the matrix effect were time freezes and the camera pans round to a differnet angle and then unfreezes, how does this work and what sofatwre would u need to do it?

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    The advent of the DVD "extra" provided a great insight into the world of special effects. If you've got a copy of the Matrix DVD, they go into great detail explaining how to achieve the effect.

    The particular shot in question was shot using a series of cameras in a concentric circle around the actor. The various shots are then brought together in post so that it looks like the"camera" is circling the actor. I've seen this effect replicated (badly) using multiple passes using just one camara - your actor needs to recreate exactly the same action several times.

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    I have to say though that was one was one of my favourtie effect's too, but then the Matrix really pushed what can be achieved through special effects to a new level imho.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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