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Thread: VSDC Video Editor (Bug??)

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    Exclamation VSDC Video Editor (Bug??)

    I've been using VSDC Video Editor to make an advertisement video for my petition and it's been working fine and exporting just fine and everything, but the past few times I've used it it's not exporting correctly, it keeps adding or subtracting 0.033 - 0.066 in the exported video, and while that may not seem like much, I'm using each exported video in the final video and it all has to sync up with the BG Music, so it makes a bit of a difference :/ I've been working around it, but I just wanted to post about it in case anyone knows how to fix this?? ^_6

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    Is there a chance you have an object on timeline that is slightly longer than a video? I.e. the video and the object do not end up in the same moment.
    Otherwise I recommend you shooting them a DM on Facebook and sending the project (if it's not confidential) for them to have a look. The guys are quite responsive.

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    Default Editing Software issue

    This software looks very old and outdated, if they do update it normally, I wouldn't stick along with this editor, maybe download these free editors, which are iMovie and WonderShare Filmora, if you don't mind paying money for software, i'd invest in vegas pro or adobe premiere pro, used both, and they are great. If you don't want a change of scenery with these suggestions, the problem could be caused by fps issues, like having the project settings fps set higher or lower, and your video having different fps. For example, you have your project set to 720p 30 fps, if you import a video with 27.564, the program will have a difficult time rendering it because of the mixed fps, which could lead to cuts in audio or video. Or, you may have to change your export settings to get around this bug, such as using formats quicktime movie or H.264, those are the most used export formats fyi, so try that, and get back to me.

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    I assume, the topic starter is on Windows, given that he is using VSDC, so iMovie will be slightly irrelevant. Filmora Wondershare is actually not free - it stamps a watermark on your video if you don't purchase.
    Videopad and ShotCut are worth trying among free solutions.

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    Thanks for your input Kirsten - especially pointing out Wondershare is not really free. May help some. But I doubt the OP is ever coming back.

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