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    Default Buying in the U.S.

    Am about to go to the States and thought that while I was out there I would buy a Mini DV Camcorder. Looking through these threads I noticed someone say that U.S camcorders will record in NTSC and naturally I will want PAL. Is there any way round this?
    Thx Rich

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    Not really, US camcorders will record in NTSC, even if you later convert it you will still be converting from the original NTSC (and so you will never get native PAL quality). Also you would likely have problems with warranty when you returned should you need to claim on it.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Don't do it. Not worth the hassle. Like LJR says, the trouble and quality loss you'd have converting it means it would immediately negate any money saved over buying it in this country.

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    Ok guys Thx
    I'll just pay through the nose in the UK like everyone else

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    What camera you after?

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    Am currently upgrading from all analogue to all digital system (Hardware and Software) so I have the luxury of starting with a blank canvas. From what ive read I should go for a mini DV system. With regard to the camcorder, I want to capture the best quality footage possible (am thinking 3 CCD's), want to shoot in low light without using additional floodlights and take stills of a reasonable quality. Previously I worked with a Panasonic NVS7B SVHS camcorder and loved it so I am a big fan of Panasonic. However, there's no need to get fixated with a brand name.

    With regard to software I'm moving towards Adobe (Premier Pro + After Effects) which seems to cover all my needs. I also need to transfer aroung 100 hours of VHS video onto DVD (video capture card or DVD recorder? Bear in mind this is a straight transfer, no editing required)

    Budget wise, $900 in the States would have got me a half decent camcorder. In the UK i'll have to settle for one in the 500 range. Any ideas?

    Thx Rich

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    I bought a Panny NV-GS400 from the USA in April. It cost 50% less than purchasing here in Cape Town. This is the PAL version, many stores are now keeping both NTSC and PAL. If it's not too late buy while your there and save some money. If you purchase a quality camera I would not be too concerned about the warrantee issue.

    Good luck.

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    Someone once referred to NTSC as Never The Same Colours twice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpwall
    With regard to software I'm moving towards Adobe (Premier Pro + After Effects) which seems to cover all my needs.
    They may do. but only if you don't want to author any 'real' DVDs.

    PPro will allow you to export your timeline to a 'run on insert' DVD but as soon as you want ot create a DVD with menus etc you'll need more s/w.

    Remember to budget for this also.

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