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    I just got into this board and i am wondering where I could make an introduction...

    is there a particular forum here for such kind.. if none.. I guess this would make it..

    i am tanya from southeast asia. I am hoping to learn alot from this forum and hope everyone's okay to give me a hand.. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi. You can introduce yourself here:

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    welcome to the forums...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters
    Hi. You can introduce yourself here:
    ooops.. my bad.. omg.. I'm a total jerk how can I miss that sticky

    Thanks so much!

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    It's ok, doesn't matter. The only people we get annoyed with here are impatient and offensive people


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    *looks round nervously*

    Please don't ban me.

    Welcome to the forums Andromeda.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    lol @ LJR...

    btw, thanks for the welcome guys


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