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Thread: Blizzard in Istanbul

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    Default Blizzard in Istanbul

    For the last six months I've been "vlogging" my way around the world. The reason I feel the need to add quotations, is that the videos I've been creating don't follow the typical vlogging format.

    I'm currently working my way through the backlog of travel footage and have just released a video of my travels in Istanbul, which coincided with a massive snowstorm! Let me know what you all think.

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    awesome... really not my cup of tea, but the way you have used your footage looked very professional, a mixture of speed was great, slow when you need to observe stuff and quick when you were onto the next....
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    You've clearly worked very hard at this and there's plenty to like about this video so the following may seem harsh ...

    Some of the footage is excellent. Some is not so. Variety is the spice of life and the making of a good video but this seems to have a variety of styles which is not so pleasing. It's similar to someone who's got their hands on a bunch of transitions and has to use every one. In the same way that one or two types of transition in a video is better than a handful, one or two styles of editing is better than a handful.

    You are clearly a competent editor but you have yet to find you style. I suggest you create several videos, each in a different style, rather than mix all the styles into one video.
    Lose the not so good footage. Does the "secretly filmed" footage in the market add anything? Not for me - the story is good but the "from a hidden camera" footage adds another style.
    What's the point of the silly motion tracked face at around 2:30? It may be an in joke. But I'm your audience and I'm not in.
    Let's start at the beginning...

    Absolutely perfect shots suggest someone sitting at a café jotting down their notes. Nicely cut to the beat, we see the "title" sped up as it is written - great intro.
    Two choices - either we assume the audience know where Istanbul is or we decide to show them with a map (or in this case zoon in on a Google Earth).
    But we see the world, then we see some close up, rotated of whereever we are. The zoom is zo fast (if indeed it is a zoom) we have absolutely no idea where on this world we are! This effectively negates having the Google Earth zoom. S you've just introduced two unhelpful shots. In fact the point where you zoom in is over the middle of Africa and so anyone who doesn't know where Istanbul is gets the impression it's somewhere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo!
    We the get a lovely (slightly wobbly, relaxed looking) pan which settles on the Hagia Sophia which you kindly caption to reinforce what we are hearing. Fantastic! You then have a great zoom/cut transition (beautifully done to the music) to .... instead of a shot where we can take in the glory of the place. We should get a shot coming to rest on a good composition of the palace. Instead we get a rather half-hearted tilt down, which never makes a decent composition of the palace and is then cut away to ...
    an internal shot where the auto-exposure is aparrent (and therefore distracting) in the blooming of the light on the brick ceiling.
    We get several shots with sped up camera movement which never quite find their target - or when they do, the film doesn't stay there long enough!
    I quite like the commentary and your delivery and I think it's important we see who "you" are so Iike the odd piece to camera you do. I want more of the personal touch. I'd like to know who Karen and the others you refer to are. "Karen went ...." is much more meaninful if we know Karen is your wife/girlfriend/friend with benefits/platonic friend/person you'd never seen before last Tuesday/cleaning lady/university lecturer etc etc)

    I think you have the skills to do this well. Lose the crap footage. Remember as with most things "less is more". Make sure you tell a story. Make it personal and take us along for the journey.

    Finally (for now), pay much more attention to the sound. The voiceover is recorded and mixed well. But only in the left channel! For goodness sake!
    I like ambient sound but please lose the wind noise.

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    Thank you very much Bry - I appreciate the feedback.

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    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for the VERY detailed feedback. I did indeed pour a lot of effort into making the video, but the "harsh" feedback that you've provided is exactly what I'm looking for. Let me address each of the points you raised.

    In regards to the mixing of several different styles, I completely agree with you. I could even point to a few "scenes" that felt a bit out of place (the camera segment in the basilica for starters). I'm still very much at the stage where I'm trying a bunch of different techniques solely for the purposes of learning. That being said, I'll keep your comments in mind and try to streamline the next video I release.

    On the topic of the zoom in, I used two different clips - the resolution on the first wasn't high enough to support slowing down the transition. I think a simple "in Turkey" would have done the job, but I will definitely make location clearer in the future.

    Agree with you on the shot following the zoom on Hagia Sophia. In terms of the blooming, I'm currently filming on my iPhone 7, so don't have as much control as I'd like. Getting a proper camera is definitely high on the priority list. Will keep in mind adding a more personal touch, though I have several videos worth of footage sitting on my hard drive, so will just have to work with what I've got for this series at least. For the record Karen is a "person I'd never seen before last Tuesday" :P

    In regards to sound, I will definitely give it some more attention. I only started using Adobe Audition recently, so there is much to learn on that front.

    Thank you again for such detailed feedback!

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    I half suspected you might be trying out various things so that's great. Better to try them out and see/get feedback on the results than not to try them out at all, eh?
    As for filming with the iPhone, to prevent that sort of blooming, I believe there are apps that will allow you to set a fixed exposure. See what there is. iPhones produce excellent footage especially of the "tourist" type stuff where a deep depth of field is what you want.

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