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    Hello to all.

    As fellow editors, I'm sure you can relate to those "uncertain" clients - you know, those who always have something to say about your work but can't really pin-point what they want and have trouble relaying their issues to you. So I have this photographer client that wants his wedding highlights edited with a "clean-classic" theme, so basically, mostly cut-to-cut, with no (or very little) lens-flares, time-remapping, etc... some he orders in chronological order (clip is in chronological order of the day's events) and some non-chronological. HE chooses the background songs. OK great, so I edited some clips for him and although I LOVE constructive criticism, he said that they were "OK" but he said that he feels that the video segments are not edited in an order that is pleasing to view. Now, let me say, I am against cutting on EVERY beat and I when I edit, I am trying to "tell-a-story" of the day's events - and that is my thought process
    when deciding what order to place segments. I myself feel that much effort was put into each clip but as I said, I would LOVE to get some constructive criticism on my editing of these clips. Here are two clips that I edited (didn't film). One is in chronological order and one isn't. I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism on the edit so I can know if there is really a place for improvement or if my client is just "delusional" Thanks a ton!

    Highlights chronological VS2544:

    Highlights non-chronological VS2538:

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    I admire anyone who does weddings:
    Shooting - massive pressure to get the shot first and only time in many of the cases (although not necessarily so in the case of these clips most of which were obviously staged)
    Editing - endless hours of going over shots of people you don't know and don't care about spending far more than they should hyping up one day when it's the lifetime ahead that matters.

    Anyway, these neither enthralled me nor made me feel there was something lacking. I have seen wedding videos that really sparkle, but the only thing I can really say about them is that the maker really managed to stamp his mark on them although - and you'll love me for this - I couldn't begin to say how. Sorry I can't be more helpful :(

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