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Thread: Using both ports of a PCMCIA firewire card simultaneously

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    Default Using both ports of a PCMCIA firewire card simultaneously

    Hi there. I've been given the opportunity to get a laptop at a very reasonable price that would fulfil my editing needs in every respect but one - it has no firewire connection! Having taken the time to read these forums, it's clear that this is essential, so I've found a PCMCIA card that will give me a firewire connection:

    Now, another thing I've picked up is the need to have a separate hard drive, and as I'd be using a laptop, this would have to be external realistically. It seems that most people feel that connecting the extra HD via USB isn't really good enough to maintain the transfer rates that are required for DV capture, and that it would be best to get a HD that is both fast and can be connected via firewire.
    So here's the problem: when I'm capturing video onto this HD, I'll need a firewire connection for both the camera and the HD. The PCMCIA card that I've found does appear to have 2 sockets, and in its specs it says that it has 2 connections, but not having really investigated the world of firewire/PCMCIA cards before, I don't know whether both can be used simultaneously. I can't see why not, but I guess I'd like to confirm with somebody more knowledgable before making an expensive purchase. Any thoughs would be appreciated!

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    A seperate harddrive certainly isn't essential. I'd advise you get the second harddrive as a backup tool to keep your laptop drive in peak condition. Don't let that drive get too full and always degrag.
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    That's encouraging news. Still, considering that the internal HD is only 80gb, and is unlikely, as a laptop drive, to have particluarly high rpm (spec not available), and that I'll probably have quite a lot of other data, then a dedicated HD does seem like a good idea. I suppose I could make the main HD my DV HD, and the external one could be used for other files.
    I'd still be interested to hear any opinions on the original question, however.

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    I may well be mixing my features here, but I know that you can daisy chain firewire devices (upto 63). I would therefore pressume that the two ports, I would therefor pressume (and this probably show my lack of uinderstanding!) one would be able to support two devices simultaneously - especially if the same data is flowing.
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    That's what I thought would be the cae. Thanks for the confirmation.

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