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Thread: Software to change my voice?

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    Question Software to change my voice?

    Hi all, currently I am having an audio project to make an audio book.

    I'm looking for a software to change my voice to other voices, for example, there will be characters like a grandma, a woman, a little boy and a few more.

    Does anyone know which software can do that? I will record each voice for each script of that role by myself only.

    Thanks in advance, guys.

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    I have seen mobile apps that can change the voice.

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    tea towel for a cheap option lmao

    just simply using Windows Movie Maker, you can change your own voice in the recording and slow it down or speed it up and it can change straight away...
    I like to change my voice on my own but ive been able to do it from when I was a kid.....
    if the audio book is from you, then the voices being your impression of the kind of old lady,, husky/soft/wobbly etc but can give you an idea of the person they should be imaging....keeping with your own voice impressions keeps it personal to the book I think, so I wouldn't wana hear dramatic changes... hope this makes sense and helps in some small way

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    You can do this for free with the free audio editor VST plug in Rovee:

    That can tend to give some slightly comical results, but you can get much better results if you spend a bit of cash..... This from Screaming Bee might be worth a try :

    There's a free 7 day trial to see if it works for you....

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    Thank you guys,
    I'm in the trial period of these two software:

    After 2 days of trying both, I feel that AV Voice Changer has more options and features, but well, price is also higher.
    I think that I will explore a bit more with the full version of this software. It's refundable anyway.

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